Couples Massage

Couples massages are considered the most intimate of massages. This is because of the fact that you're engaging in tantric massage with more people than just your masseuse. This creates a much more stronger connection than one you'd normally have. Why is this preferable? In some cases it is preferable because there is a sort of passion you receive in a couples massage which you can't receive anywhere else. Once you've tasted this passion you can't get enough of it, imagine the romance of a massage doubled. Such intense pleasure would appeal to even the most hard to please of men. You don't need to be a genius to realise how good this can be. Why not try a tantric massage in London in the form of a couples massage.

Traditionally, couples massages are administered with one masseuse and a partnership. The couple unwind whilst the masseuse works her magic fingers up and down each of their bodies. There's nothing more revitalising than sharing an intimate moment with your partner. A lot of people also have couples massages because it re-sparks a fire that a relationships lacks, it can put back a sexual fire. Alternatively if you want to have a couples massage administered to you yet you don't have a partner to have it done with then you can simply book two of our masseuses and we will give you without a doubt the most authentic experience possible. Wouldn't it be amazing to pause your life whilst two gorgeous masseuses rub up and down your body. The pleasure that's shared between the three of you is unspeakable. Truly an amazing Lesbian Massage in London. Although two different methods (2 masseuses or 1 masseuse and a partner), no way is right or wrong as everything is up to preference.

Minx Massage has the ability to make their clients feel full of life through their hard and stressful times. Why not open your mind to a new way of thinking with Minx Massage? These incredibly skilful masseuses understand exactly what to do to your body and when to do it, making decisions on what to do judging on how your body reacts. You can get all this and more for such a minimal amount. You're literally paying pocket money for one of the most heavenly experiences. Book with Minx massage now.