Prostate Massage

The prostate massage is considered a much more personal and intimate massage. This massage involves the masseuse gently and sensually rubbing a clients prostate or 'G-spot'. Because it is more of a personal experience it is not asked for as much as other massages however the feeling of pleasure is a lot more intense and because of that you can't doubt this procedure until you've tried it. This massage is also beneficial to the client sexually as they are able to open their mind to a new type of pleasure which they then might be able carry on exploring with their companion, the use of starting experimenting with a masseuse avoids the awkwardness of if you release yourself too quickly. You are able to learn how to tame yourself to then further satisfy your companion.

If you're interested in experimenting with this type of massage then book with Minx as we understand how to ease your thoughts and relax your mind. Why not book both a body to body massage followed by a prostate massage to slowly put yourself into the sensation of pleasure