Women's Massage

We find that the massage industry is overwhelmed by it's male audience. Because of this fact it's hard that for the female audience to progress and expand. That's quite an unsettling fact if you're a woman who enjoys a tantric massage in London. Due to this we think it's only fair to offer both male and female massages in London. this is why at minx we welcome any female customers with open arms. Whatever you may want to experience, our girls would be more than fine helping you relieve some tension from your day to day life.

So what is it that you might be interested in, an aqua massage? a body to body massage? Don't think that anything is off limits for you as you can have it all. Why not even experiment with things that are out of your comfort zone? The more outgoing you are, the more benefits you will receive. The services provided to women are for all sexual persuasions too so don't think that would be a barrier between you and the intense pleasure you can receive. Also for women who are curious about their sexuality, one of our massages may be the perfect setting for you to explore the possibilities, the best scenario possible.

On top of all of this you can always contact us just to enquire and discuss your session, if there is anything that may trouble or concern you then you can speak to one of our members of staff. We are all strictly professional and will treat your thoughts with the up most confidentiality. Browse through our wonderful range of masseuses and massages and find one of each more personal to your preferences.